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Brass Terminals

Battery Terminals

Brass Battery Terminals Copper Battery terminals Battery Connectors  are available in many different designs but in general there are only main three types which are - LUCAS , ANGLE & STRIP.

In which Lucas is available in three sizes, 9.5mm,11mm & 13mm. Top three figures are of Lucas type.
We have also developed some special designs made by "FORGING" on the demand of our customer.
We  are capable of designing  any type of Terminals through Forging or any other process, though it is too difficult.


Brass Terminal Blocks

We manufacture Terminal Block, Electric Component, and other Brass Electrical Accessories as per drawings and specifications.

We also manufacture various electrical components and Brass Terminal Blocks according to customer's drawings or specifications.

Nickle Plated

Currently Available Terminal Blocks :

* Heavy Duty Terminal Block
* Modular Terminal Block
* Pluggable Terminal Block
* Power Blocks Terminal Block
* Printed Circuit Board Terminal Block
* Regular Duty Terminal Block



Any kind of special Brass Terminal Blocks, brass Earthing equipments can be developed and supplied exactly as per customer specifications.


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