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Pipe Fittings

We offer Brass Pipe Fittings Brass Plumbing Fittings Brass Pipe Nipples Brass Plugs Brass pipe Fittings Brass Elbow Brass Union Brass Extension Brass Nipple Brass Reducer Brass Extension Piece Brass Sockets Brass Tee Brass Connector .

Pipe Tee

Finishes on Pipe Tees:
Pipe Tees are available in various finishes. Some common finishes are like:

  • Galvanized finish
  • Nickel plated
  • Black cast
  • White coating
  • Gold finish
  • Electroplated etc.
Pipe Union

Types of pipe unions:
There are two basic types of pipe unions:

  • Ground Joint Union
  • Flange Union

Three parts of pipe union:

  • A nut
  • A female end
  • A male end

Pipe Adapters

Offset Pipe Adapter, Male Pipe Adapter, Female Pipe Adapter,
Straight Thread Adapters


Pipe Nipples

Types of pipe nipples:

  • Barrel nipple : This is a type of a short tubular with a taper thread outside at each end and which is un-threaded in the middle.
  • Weld nipple : Weld nipple is used as another method of connecting tube fittings. These kind of nipples are suitable for use under extreme conditions of vibration, pressure surges and changes of temperature.
  • Swage nipple : The basic purpose of a swage nipple is to bringing the flow of fluids from one pipe size to another. These are available with plain, beveled or threaded ends.
  • Hexagon nipple : Hexagon nipples are available in a variety of threads, materials and lengths.

Materials used:
Various materials used in the production of pipe tees are:

Stainless steel Carbon steel Cast iron Nickel
Aluminum Copper Brass Bronze
Plastic Rubber Polypropylene etc.  


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